Nicolas Clauvelin

About me

I am a scientist with expertise in complex and nonlinear systems modeling, scientific computing, and software development. My scientific interests cover a range of subjects in non-linear physics, biophysics, and electrochemistry. My work also entails a lot of applied maths and development and/or implementation of numerical methods, with a significant focus on differential equations, optimization, and control methods.

Most of my work involves programming, such as writing high-performance computing code or developing modeling and simulation software. For some of my projects this also means writing bare-metal embedded software, as in code running on small micro-controllers. I tend to write most of my code in modern C++ (yes, even for embedded targets), C, and Objective-C. My personal tinkering includes all of the above and some more embedded software, Go, Javascript, and Mathematica.

Sendyne Corp.

As the Chief Technology Officer at Sendyne Corp., I take care of all things modeling and simulation related. I am actively involved in the development of Sendyne products for battery simulations and IoT scientific computing. I also work on the various software components for Sendyne embedded applications (e.g., hardware abstraction layers and algorithms design and implementation).

Some projects I am involved in:

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