Nicolas Clauvelin

About me

I am a scientist with expertise in complex and nonlinear systems modeling, scientific computing, and software development. My scientific interests cover a range of subjects in non-linear physics, biophysics, and electrochemistry. My work also entails a lot of applied maths and development and/or implementation of numerical methods, with a significant focus on differential equations, optimization, and control methods.

Most of my work and personal tinkering involves programming, such as writing high-performance computing code or developing modeling and simulation software. For some of my projects this also means writing bare-metal embedded software, as in code running on small micro-controllers. I write most of my code in modern C++ (yes, even for embedded targets), C, Objective-C, and Mathematica. I also use quite a bit of CMake, Go, and Javascript depending on what needs to be achieved.

Sendyne Corp.

As the Chief Technology Officer at Sendyne Corp., I take care of all things R&D related. In particular, I am actively involved in Sendyne modeling and scientific computing activities as well as in the development of Sendyne embedded products.

For any question about Sendyne and our products please see our contact information here.

Resume / Education

If you want a detailed resume please contact me directly.

You can find more information about my PhD thesis here and most of my academic work is listed in the published section.


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